13. Scale staring at warrior

Mikura got up and saw a warlord on a horse on the opposite shore. The moment he stopped
sweeping to look at the face of the warlord with sorrow, the warlord blew off blood
from his forehead and dropped out of the horse. The warriors covered up and carried
Mikura, who had lost her minds and fallen to the beach, quickly away from the riverbank
and hid in the forest.

In 940, Taira no Masamado died after receiving an arrow between eyes.
It is written in the Bushu-sin-noh-myozengi, which was said to be published in around
950, that Masakado was hit on a horse with an arrow which had come from hostile on
the opposite side of the river. But Masakado was not killed with an arrow but he died
suddenly after dropping down from his horseback. His surroundings saw that he had a
triangular hole between eyes. Right after that, his dead body was collected
by his hostiles and offered to head examination. The triangular hole was informed
to Masakado’s second wife named Sumi. She told zen-priest, Zuishin, that Masakado was
killed with an arrow. This transfer became a basis of the description of Masakado’s
death in the Bushu-sin-noh-myozengi. In contrast, Sumi knew that Masakado’s triangular
hole was not done with a weapon but with human spirit in which someone had a hatred
for him.  And Sumi happened to know who it is. It was a priestess named Mikura.

Mikura had a daughter, who was born before that Mikura became nun. The daughter’s
name was Nini. Nini was born as a child between Taira-no-Kunika, military commander
of Makabe-county, west foot of Tsukuba maintain, Hitachi, and his first wife named Mari.
Nini grew up as beautiful princess and was liked to be first wife of surrounding
monarchs. Nini loved to go to revers and mountains together with young people in
surrounding villages. Such Nini had a secret place. It was a small bay of Kinu-river.

There was silver carp, and Nini could talk to it. The carp sometimes talked to Nini
about what were going to be realized in the future.  Thing that the silver carp predicted
were realized such as tornado, flood, war, riot, and death of relations and friends.

One such day, the silver carp told Nini that she will see some soldier, but never look
at his eyes.

When Taniba asked for a reason, the carp replied that the soldier was an unwelcome person.

A few days later, several warriors visited Taira-no-Kunika. The lord, Kunika, was honored.
When it was a banquet, Mari and Nini came to say hello. At that time, Nini felt the light
from one of the warriors who was in the upper seat, and Nini raised her face unintentionally.
The warrior was Taira-no-Masakado.  

Masakado admired her elegance and beauty of her behavior.

Since that time, Nini thought of Masakado everytime in her mind. The unwelcome person that
the Silver carp spoke about was not Masakado, Nini talked to herself like that.

Soon after, Masakado officially offered a wedding ceremony with Nini to Kunika, and his
engagement was immediately set.

One day close to marrying a Masakado’s family, Nini went to see the silver carp of the
Kinu-river. The carp mentioned that Masakado would attack to kill Kunika. Nini didn’t believe
it. She thought that it was impossible for Masakado to slay her father and take the country
while accepting Nini as his wife. Since then, Nini has stopped visiting the Kinu-river.

Nini got married to Masakado and spent peaceful days. However, in summer, about two years
after the marriage, Masakado was in charge of the master of worriers in the East Japan, and
declared himself a new emperor to break up with the Kyoto Imperial Court.

Slay an anti-imperial insurrectionist, Masakado. Kunika was ordered by the written imperial
order. Nini entreated Masakado to stop opposing and surrender to her father Kunika.  And she
entreated Kunika to assure lives of Masakado and insurgents if they surrendered. But both of
Kunika and Masakado never agreed with Nini’s idea. Nini despaired and killed herself.

Mari had hatred of Masakado. Mari believed with no doubt that Masakado was a rebel, and
justice was in Kusuka. He went out to the Kinu-river to meet with the silver carp that she had
heard from Nini before suicide.

The carp told Mari that Kunika would be defeated by Masakado and Masakado was defeated
by you, look at Masakado through the scale of my head, and you can see the death of Masakado.

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