Loud voice especially at initial = drastic change of English for Japanese people 12

Hi, this is Dr. Rodrichinko loving Japan and Japanese people so much.
Japanese people usually and fundamentally think that all people must
understand with each other if they talk together bearing “sei-i” in
Japanese. This “sei-i” is translated to “sincerity”, but I am not quite
sure that it is appropriate. I think that “sei-i” in Japanese corresponds
to a genuine spirit making effort for everything on not only themselves
but also opponents. Off course, there are many kind of Japanese with a
variety of thinking way, but most of Japanese people naturally think or
have been educated in such a way that they have to behave with “sei-i”.
So that we can find the sentence “Let us treat everything with sei-i
if we could have any troubles” in ordinary contract papers.
And such contract papers never mention how to deal with troubles in detail.
Most of Japanese people never have questions that what is the concrete
operation with sei-i because they have intention saying they treat anything
flexibly according to the situation.
Then Japanese people think with no doubt that everybody could make effort
as much as possible to understand their English if they speak English to
foreign people. From the other side, Japanese people have been taught that
any foreign people must understand our English speaking without taking care
of pronunciation.
Actually many of English teachers are not always good at speaking English
with correct pronunciation.
But it is really necessary to use correct pronunciation in order to make
opponents easy to understand their idea. In this case, sei-i for speaking
English definitely involves taking effort for correct pronunciation.
I have already written that Japanese people are poor at pronunciation of
s in English. And there are many other points Japanese have to be curious
on about pronunciation or voice.
Today I would like get in touch with strength of voice.
Japanese people have speak English much more loudly, as I mentioned before.
In addition to it, initial sound of every sentence and crucial words have
especially to be strong. All of words are not always necessary to be loud,
but initiation and crucial words are quite important in order to
Then, Japanese people, let’s speak loudly especially the initial of
sentence and crucial words. Let’s begin to speak English with drastically
big voice.
I have many other comments of pronunciation and sounds on English from
Japanese people. I would like to drop in at them in other opportunities.

I’ll see you again. Good night.

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