Be careful to use care = drastic change of English for Japanese people 11

Good evening, I’m Dr. Rodrichinko,
loving Japan and Japanese people so much.
Japan has individual culture by themselves, in stead,
Japan likes to incorporate a variety of things.
Is is said that many cultures were brought from other
countries into Japan.
It is very excellent point that Japanese people take
other culture not in raw state but in customized condition.
So that Japanese culture had never dyed with other culture
Japanese people at first copy other culture thoroughly
before customization.
And then they modify those culture for their taste.
Some cultures were very much transformed, other ones were
close to their original.
English is one of such cultures from other countries,
needless to say, numerous words and phrases were transported
in Japan.
In spite of such incorporation of English, it is a kind of
mystery that many of Japanese people have not be able to speak
English fluently.
Japanese would not like to speak genuine English but like to
use their customized English, I think.
Any way, huge number of English words have been incorporated
into Japanese, and many of those words have been used in a
mixture with Japanese words.
Some of such English words were not translated in Japanese,
Japanese people used to use those as raw sound of original
English described with katakana, one of Japanese phonogram,
called katakana words.
Today, I am introducing one of katakana word that is misunderstood.
It’s “care” as a verb, “care suru” in Japanese.
Japanese people would like usually to take care of their
surroundings. They use an English word “care” as “take care”
For Example;
A:”My son is sick this morning. I’m worrying about him right now.”
Japanese person B: ”Who cares him now?”
Needless to say for English-speaking people that it’s quite
awful choice of words.
Japanese people B liked to say “Who is taking care for him now?”
Now Japanese people have to correct your “care” usage.
I hope you English at heart would be brought to your friend.

I’ll see you again. Good night.

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