Eat slowly together with English communication = drastic change of English for Japanese people 10

Good afternoon, I’m Dr. Rodrichinko.
It’s no doubt that I love Japan and Japanese people.
Japanese people are always taking care of their surrounding.
This is close to something like gene based on their history as
agricultural people. In the agricultural society, every people
have had been taking no choice but to be cooperative and kind
to each other. This culture have made Japanese people the most
courtesy in the world, I think.
So that Japanese people usually take lunch very quickly in
a cafeteria even together with foreign colleagues.
Why so quickly? It is because Japanese people do not like other
colleagues to wait for vacant seats. Their such behavior as
quick eating did not change any more if no colleagues were not
Such quick eating bring very silent lunch. Then your foreign
colleagues must feel usually uncomfortable with the silent lunch.
Now I would like to recommend Japanese people to have slow
eating if you have meal together with your foreign colleagues.
You would take consciously twice time to eat. And you could
throw simple noun in the beginning of your conversation,
followed by simple sentence as I mentioned in my former petit
Your meal time must be more fruitful for your communication.

I’ll see you again. Have a good day.

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