Exit a mold A is B = drastic change of English for Japanese people 9

Good evening, this is Dr. Rodrichinko loving Japan and Japanese people so much.
Japanese people have excellent gene supporting superior literacy of language
because they easily control such complicated language as Japanese,
in stead, many of Japanese people are not good at speaking English even after
long time English education through schools.
I have recommended “throw noun” in my petit advice 1.
I thought even just noun must be much better than silence as a communication
among your colleagues.
Here I would like to give Japanese people a next step for your better
It is to make variety of simple sentences.
As I mentioned before, Japanese people like usually to use too simple syntax
of A is B.
Now you could consciously try some other verb than be.
Those verbs have to be primary ones like have, make, take, give, like, etc.
For example,
“My hobby is fishing.” can be placed with “I like to fish for pleasure. ”
“I work for Kubota corporation as an electrical engineer” in place of
“I am an electrical engineer. My company is Kubota corporation.”
“A friend of mine is a famous singer.” may be placed with
“I have a friend, a famous singer.”
“I like to have a cup of coffee.” may be better than “My order is coffee.”
and so on.

I’ll see you again. Good night.


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