Pronounce sit correctly = drastic change of English for Japanese people 8

Good afternoon, this is Dr. Rodrichinko loving Japan and Japanese people so much.
It has been thought that Japanese was a most complicated language in the world.
Its grammar is different from the others, subject is there or is not there in
a normal sentence, impossible to watch out border line between words in writing,
3 kinds of characters are used in a mixed way in writing, etc.
Japanese people easily control such complex language.
Surprisingly Japan have had the oldest novel in the world more than 1000 years
ago in spite that Japan was not at all one of the advanced country at that time.
Ancient Japanese language had off course not been same as present one, who cares
that point.
Any way, Japanese people have been keeping high great literacy on linguistics.
in a side of pronunciation, Japanese language is very simple.
It uses consonant in a very limited way. Then Japanese people are not good at
pronunciation of slight difference of consonant.
Very typical one I’m picking up here is s.
Quite many Japanese people can not distinguish the pronunciation of sea and she.
The both sound she In Japanese pronunciation, in other words, Japanese people
can not pronounce sea or see in a correct way.
It’s OK with see or sea or she. If making wrong pronunciation, it will bring
just less communication.
But it’s not OK with sit and shit as everybody could understand.
Now I would like to recommend that Japanese people would make effort to pronounce
English correctly, especially on s.
Otherwise, Japanese people may have happening like this;
“Some uncertain guys are barricading themselves in a book store, they are armed.”
“OK, call police, now call SIT (Special Investing Team) of metropolitan police dept.”
If Japanese people were there,
“I’m requesting to send shit right away.”
“oh, What a shit!”

I’ll see you again. Good night.

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