Use ing to be active = drastic change of English for Japanese people 7

Hello, this is Dr. Rodrichinko loving Japan and Japanese culture.
I know that Japanese people are very square and kind for others.
That is one of the points I love on Japanese people.
And they are square in speaking English, too.
They usually use quite simple expressions of past tense and present tense.
Those simple tense sound sometimes charming but sometimes boring.
Here I would recommend Japanese people to use progressive form.
That adds your expression dept and movement.
For example;
Japanese people often speak like,
“I have fun with playing piano from now.”,
“I like to make presentation in this morning”,
“I will eat deeply-fried pork as lunch.”.
Followings with progressive form are nicer as active expressions;
“I’m having fun with playing piano.”,
“I’m going to make presentation in the morning.”,
“I am eating deeply-fried pork as lunch.”.

I hope you could make rhythmical communication.
I’ll see you again. Good night.


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