Don’t apologize easily = drastic change of English for Japanese people 5

Hello, This is Dr. Rodrichinko writing with love for Japan
and Japanese people.
Today I am dropping in at “sorry story” of Japanese people.
Japanese people are absolutely one of the most courteous
people. They usually think not to disturb others. Such their
behavior are almost unconscious because their habit has been
based on something like gene. What kind of gene is it?
Some historians say that it was already established in ancient
Japan more than 1400 years ago.
Most of such Japanese people use “I’m sorry”, “suimasen” in
Japaneses, in a situation which “thank you”, “I’m glad” or
“I apologize you” are appropriate for. In contrast to its
convenience, people other than Japanese have no other way to
interpret it as “I apologize”. It’s no doubt.
And then, if you had some accident, you had to be fully
responsible for the accident after you said “I’m sorry”,
because apology from you definitely means that it is your
In such a way, let’s use some other words than “I’m
sorry” when you would like to express something different
from your full responsibility.

I’ll see you soon again. Good night.

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