Please is not polite = drastic change of English for Japanese people 3

This is Dr. Rodrichinko, loving Japan and Japanese people so much.
Japanese language is one of the very rare language having specific
expression for polite situation. There are many polite words and
expressions in Japanese. Most of Japanese people use artfully both
of casual and polite words and expressions on a daily basis.

When Japanese people talk to colleague who are not very close to
them, Japanese people usually use polite expressions.
The very typically polite expression is to put “kudasai” at the end
of every sentence. Exact English word for that does not exist.

Many of Japanese people are possessed with the idea that it is good
in English to put “please” in the beginning or at the end of the
sentence when they like to use “kudasai” as a polite expression.
Honestly speaking, this is wrong. Sentence bearing “please” means
close to order or strong request.

For example, “give me something cold, please” means “冷たい飲み物を
取ってくれ” in Japanese. If you would like to say ”冷たい飲み物を取って
ください”、”Maybe you could give me something cold.”, “Could I have
something cold?”, “Do you mind if I ask you to pass me something
cold?” would be nice.
Off course, we have many other expressions according to its degree
of politeness.
What I would like to inform Japanese people here is not to use
please and verb, if you like to express your polite attitude.

I’ll see you soon. Good night.

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