Speak loudly as much as possible = drastic change of English for Japanese people 2

This is Dr. Rodrichinko writing, loving Japan and Japanese people so much.
Japanese people generally hate to disturb ohters.
In Japanese, meiwaku wo kakenai.
So that many of Japanese people talk with a minimum voice.
And their phonation for Japanese make their voice feeble.

English speaking with this kind of phonation will bring a feeble talk in English.
This kind of feeble English from Japanese people are usually very difficult to
capture for many of foreign people.

Most of foreign people will place their hand on their year when they like to
listen to English from Japanese people.
Now Japanese people, speak English loudly.

It never means shouting, but shouting would be better than feeble voice.
Big voice by phonation as when actors speak on a stage would be better.
This type of phonation like operation of actors are called voice from
stomach in Japanese.

I’ll see you soon. Good night.

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